Villa Grisebach was founded 1986 by five art dealers who joined forces in order to establish an auction house of a new kind in Berlin. At the time founding Villa Grisebach Auction was somewhat risky as most of the art business took place in Cologne Munich, due to the infamous Wall dividing Berlin in two. Although affiliated with risk, Villa Grisebach was a success and the first preview in 1986 attracted no less then 2,500-art lovers.

Their main focus is Art of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and photography. Apart from representatives in Berlin and across Germany, they have offices in Switzerland and North America.

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從俄羅斯國寶夏卡爾(Chagall)到德國畫家埃米爾(Emil Nolde),一起來回顧從19世紀到當代由十位傑出藝術家筆下,那些曾經生命勃勃花兒們的身影。

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