Audap & Mirabaud

AUDAP & MIRABAUD is a French Auction House located, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the famous art place in PARIS that offers art auctions to French and international clients. Its salesroom is DROUOT.

Founded by two auctioneers, Pierre Emmanuel AUDAP and Fabien MIRABAUD, the Auction House is an expanding and highly selective actor of the Art Market.

Maître AUDAP, founder of one of the leading French Auction House, beneficiates from more than 40 years of practice and is considered as one of the leading auctioneers in Paris. He organized international auction sales and obtained many world records. Together with, Maître MIRABAUD, a former attorney in Paris and New York, who graduated from the Louvre School and formerly in a major French Auction House, they both decided to create a leading and confidential Auction House that would be able to answer their clients’ expectations, as would be a ‘family office’ banker. When advising clients on the art market, AUDAP & MIRABAUD always bears in mind the legal and tax issues so as to favour the owner’s situation.

The Auction House organizes about 20 sales per year.

The Auction House focuses on collections and high quality sales. It favours rare and impressive pieces of art, with the assistance of the most famous experts, in various fields of the Art Market, such as
- Old Masters
- Modern Art
- Asian Art
- Books
- 17th, 18th, and 19th century decorative art
- 20th century decorative art
- Jewels and Silverware
- Rare wines
- Prints, Photographies…

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