Maison Rapin

MAISON RAPIN gathers all the artistic activities of designer and dealer Philippe Rapin: the 88 Gallery-Paris, the 88 Gallery-Hong Kong and Kam Tin Furniture.

Philippe Rapin created his first gallery in 1978, specialising in ceramics. In the 80s, he moved to the Louvre des Antiquaires then rue du Bac in Paris, before settling in Quai Voltaire. In the early 2000s, he created a gallery in Brussels based on the theme of Italian design. Then in 2008, he went to London where he opened a gallery in Pimlico Road while creating Kam Tin, a brand for "meubles bijoux". Since 2012, Philippe Rapin finally settled in Paris, where he developed the 88 Gallery-Paris in parallel with the 88 Gallery-Hong Kong.

Today, Philippe Rapin concentrates all these different brands under the label MAISON RAPIN.

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